PowerPoint Gets a Bad Rep (and that coming from a Mac user)!!


2012 and We’re Using PowerPoint Wrong.

Why do I want to start this small post by saying that the ‘Wrong’ in the title of this Learnist post is wrongly used and should be just that… “wrong-ly”, this really isn’t the point of the post…

But this really caught my eye and got me thinking.  Namely because I was at a conference last year where students, interestingly, put forward a proposal for academics to use less PowerPoint (the death-by-powerpoint phrase came out) and they wanted more variation in delivery.  On further search, there seems to be few platforms that offer other ways of presenting (Prezi, Videoscribe…) and I’m still not sure that they are ideal for all content.

So I found myself to be really interested in this concept when stumbling across it.   And they’re right, Powerpoint does get a bad rep…. and that’s coming from an Mac-user.  ‘Wrong’ PowerPoint presentations are the responsibility of lazy preparation and poor presenters.

Treat presentations like the Matrix… free your mind!!!


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